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What Our Patients Are Saying...

Thank you to the best pediatric providers and staff around!

When your child's pediatrician sees your child's intellectual potential when he's only 5, you know you've made the best decision by switching to Port Warwick Pediatrics. We love Dr. Beckilyn Lim. Always professional, humorous and assertive about her patients' care.

Port Warwick is an amazing place, friendly and respectful staff.

Dr Chris Lim has been an amazing doctor to our family! Every time I call about my kids, we are fit in that same day. I have even had to call after hours and Dr Chris always calls me back and helps us. The staff is so kind and knows you by name. I would recommend this practice and Dr Chris to anyone.

I absolutely love Dr. Becky. We have custody of our Now 14 yr old Special needs Grandson & he didn't even have a Pediatric doctor when we got him at 8 years old we took all his diagnostics tests and results to her she took time to pour over it all then started seeing him. She sent him to every appropriate specialist and we were able to finally get the overview we so needed to make sure he got the care he should and she is dedicated to keep him healthy while dealing with all his issues like not liking to be touched at times. She and her staff go out of their way to accommodate him so he is comfortable no easy task!

Excellent doctor and practice! As health care providers, my husband and I have very high standards and took great care in selecting a pediatrician for our new daughter. Dr. Chris has exceeded all of our expectations and we could not be more pleased. He has a wonderful bed-side manner, is very knowledgeable, thorough, and takes time to answer all questions, even when there are many. The practice is beautiful, staff is friendly, and it is extremely easy to make appointments. Highly recommend!!!

Dr. Chris Lim was my childhood pediatrician and is now my children's. He is amazing and I would recommend the practice to anyone I know.

I would like to say that your whole time is amazing , and I appreciate all the hard work you do . My son loves coming to get check out . Thank you for all you do !

Dr. Chris Lim has been taking care of both of my boys since they were babies. They truly like him and always have. That's half the battle with taking children to the doctor. They are both teenagers now and still enjoy talking to Dr. Lim. I cannot say enough good things about this practice.

I love them!! Dr. Becky and her husband are amazing, my youngest daughter was born with congenital hypothyroid and the care and referrals to specialists to make sure she is on the right track developmentally is beyond measure. The team is fantastic!! Not only do I like them, but my kids love them :)

We sure miss coming into the office. Your office is one of a kind! Thank you for being amazing doctors, nurses, and staff.

Just wanted to say Thank You to the Drs. Lim, Elaine, and Amy for all that you taught me about pediatrics…. Thanks again and I hope all of you are doing well!

Dr. Chris Lim has been our pediatrician since we brought our older daughters home from the hospital over 20 years ago. He's wonderful and takes time to listen to our endless questions. Highly recommend him to anyone.

Love the staff they are nice and helpful thanks for everything

I love this place Dr. Chris is the best. They always fit [my child] in and make sure he has the best care. Plus I never have experienced any extended waits. 

Dr. Becky & Dr. Chris are the best of the best! Our sons have been seen by Dr. Becky (& Dr. Chris in her absence) since 1998 for anything ranging from the sniffles to stitches! Moving our eldest to this practice has been one of the best decisions we've made. These doctors are aways positive and my kids have never been upset to come to the doctor. They know that the wait will be short, the visit will be sincere and the Dr. is dedicated & extremely experienced and kind. The doctor makes the visit fun along with being interested in and LISTENING to the CHILD. I would (and have) encourage parents to come to this practice and am glad another parent gave me their names so many years ago.  Also of major note the staff is caring and responsive and some have been there as long/longer than we have!

Our prenatal visit with Dr. Becky was informative and made us feel that this is the right place for us and our soon-to-be baby. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns and answer our questions.

I would like to say that Dr. Lim's are excellent pediatricians! My son has been going to Dr. Becky Lim since 1998. She is kind, trustworthy, sensitive, and caring...I have seen her husband as well when my son was sick and he too is the exact same way as Dr. Becky ! We will follow you every where you go, and I have referred a number of people to you recently..Congratulations on your new adventure and be bless! 

My son loves Dr. Becky. 

Dr. Lim was our daughter's pediatrician from the time she was born up until recently. He explains what's going on well to parents and puts you at ease.

I love Port Warwick Pediatrics. Dr. Chris is patient, loving, and very thorough. I have been to a couple of very popular pediatricians offices over the years and this one by far is the best. They get you in and out quickly, everyone is polite and friendly, and they are all great with babies and kids. Dr. Chris takes time to make sure your needs are met and your children are well taken care of. I have never been to a pediatricians office this nice! Thank you for all you guys do to make your patients and their family members feel at home, and for all you have done for little one the last six months :) 

Dr Chris Lim is the best Dr I have ever met. He has wonderful staff, and always get wonderful treatment when I take my granddaughter to see him. Keep up the great work.

We love Port Warwick Pediatrics! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You all have been a blessing in our lives. Have a wonderful holiday season!

I love this place Dr. Chris is the best. They always fit [my child] in and make sure he has the best care. Plus I never have experienced any extended waits.

I adore Dr. Lim!

Dr Chris Lim is the best Dr I have ever met. He has wonderful staff, and always get wonderful treatment when I take my granddaughter to see him. Keep up the great work.

Thank you all for providing the care that you do!

Love Dr. Lim. He used to see my children, now he sees my grandchildren

We love you all!

You all are the best. I could not have found a better Dr for [our child]. I just hope I find someone like C. Lim when we move.

Congrats! We love you guys!

They are the best!!! We love Dr C. Lim!!

Dr. Becky, I was a patient of yours for the past 10 years... I have really enjoyed being a patient of yours these past years, so I value your advice. Thank you so much for your help.

Our family wishes you a very happy Father's Day Dr. Lim! We are so grateful to have you as our pediatrician:) you keep the kids smiling and healthy!

Happy Father's Day Dr. Lim you are the best!

Happy Father's Day, Dr. Lim! We could not ask for a better pediatrician for our sons!

Thank goodness for Saturday appointments! Glad we were able to get in this morning and hopefully [our child] will be feeling better soon! Thank you!

We cannot thank you enough Dr. Chris for all that you do for our boys. You are a wonderful doctor and we could not be more proud to say that you are their doctor. I must say, your staff is amazing also! They are always so helpful and friendly. We could not have found a better place to bring our sons. Thank you!

My daughter is a patient of Dr B Lim and has been for several years.

I want to give "Thanks" to Dr. Becky for always being a kind, caring, trustworthy, and informative pediatrician to my two children. Thanks for doing your job so well and not making it seem like a "job". You are a blessing to us....Happy Thanksgiving!

So happy for you, I will go where ever you move to. Dr Chris Lim was my Dr and now he's my son's Dr. Can't wait to see the new location on his next appointment.


Love the synergy and communication expressed on FB from this office to their community.

My kids saw Dr B Lim when she was with Peninsula Pediatrics. She found the cure for my son's Ichthiosis (severe dry skin). Of all things plain old cheap Vaseline. It's the best moisturizer ever! Thanks, Dr Becky! We miss u.

Congratulations on the new office, Drs. Lim! We will follow you anywhere! See you soon! xoxo

Congrats on the new office!! We can't wait to see it. We love Dr Chris Lim and staff and we will follow you guys wherever you go.

I Love Chris Lim!! Was there when my daughter was born 19 years ago and will always be there!! Such a great man..

Congrats you guys. So happy to see new beginnings. See you at the new location....but hopefully not too soon!!! That would mean sick kids....don't want that. Just for the record though.....we will follow you guys anywhere.

We love the doctors Lim!

Thank you Dr. Lim for always being there for my boys....13 years now.

This form is great. Thank you!

Dr. Becky, I just wanted to remind you of what I said today...You look AMAZING and 20 years younger!!! We LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE YOU!!!! Thanks for today and ALWAYS being there for us!!!! Keep up the GREAT work! We send you LOTS of XXXXXs!!! :)

So happy to have our boys back in the care of Dr Becky.

Dr. Becky is so awesome! She was very attentive with my son!!

Dr.Chris Lim is awesome, we never have a problem being seen. You can aways seem to get an appointment ASAP if you need.

This [the website, prescription refill online form, being seen at your office] is so much better than what we went through in the past. Every month we had to go into the doctor's office (not your office) and wait for what appeared to be forever to be seen, which was time consuming. I just Love your system. Thank you very much.

I'm so excited! It's great to make an appointment online without having to wait on the phone!

We have been bringing our four daughters to Dr. Chris Lim since they were infants. Our oldest will be 18 this November! We have never had a problem at the practice and can not imagine our daughters seeing another pediatrician. In fact, we have always chosen our medical insurance based upon whether Dr. Chris Lim was in the network. Keep up the good work and best wishes for the success of Port Warwick Pediatrics, Ltd.! :)

We were in [recently] for well visits... We have loved Dr. Becky for over 10 years and wouldn't go anywhere else! Good luck with the new practice and keep up the good work

I am VERY pleased and absolutely LOVE the new website. You make it so convenient for us busy parents. You both are the BEST pediatricians I have ever known and we are grateful to have you.

Thank you for the wonderful service and all the treatment you have done for both of our kids for combined 20 years.

Congrats Dr. Becky and Dr. Chris. You guys are the best!

We love Dr. Becky!! She is such a great doctor!!

We've been seeing Dr. Becky for thirteen years and my girls wouldn't see anyone else. I've referred lots of people to her. You can't find a better doctor. Dr. Chris is great, too (but Dr. Becky is our favorite!) :)

Congratulations Dr. Becky and Dr. Chris on your 1st week with your new practice! Thank you for not only the medical care you provide us but for truly caring about our children and for being there every single time they or I needed you. My family looks forward to being a part of Port Warwick Pediatrics.

LOVE THE ONLINE FORM!!! Good luck :-)

Congratulations to your new practice!!! The Peninsula is so lucky to have such great Pediatricians like you! Thank you for your endless and tireless service to the children of Hampton Roads. We need honest Pediatricians like you. More power to both of you. And more blessings to come.

Thank you for answering the phone at 4:40 on the eve of a holiday and for seeing us immediately! That kind of care is hard to come by and it means so much to a mom and sick child. :) Thank you!

I would just like to say the Lims are not only pediatricians, they are family. They are always there no matter what & they understand parents emotions when it comes to the children. Not only are they geniuses when it comes to pediatric medicine, they are soothing when it comes to being a parent, they understand. They have been my kids pediatrician since the day they were born, over 11 years ago, & I would not think of going anywhere else. They are not there for a job, they are there for the the children. It does not get any better than the Lims. I am so thankful for the both of them & I feel blessed that my 2 children have such wonderful doctors. Thank you very much for all that you both do.

Congratulations to Dr. Becky and Dr. Chris on the new practice! Thank you Dr Becky for providing such wonderful care for [our kids]!!! :-)

Thanks to Chris for nearly 16 years of care for [our sons]. You are more than our boys' pediatrician. As the years have gone by, you have become their friend and their confidante. We will look forward to seeing you at Port Warwick Pediatrics! Congratulations!

We are very happy to support you guys and best of luck in your new endeavor!! 

Dr. Chris and Becky Lim are awesome. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. 

We have two children, my oldest is now 19 and my youngest is 12...I would tell anyone if they are looking for an outstanding peditrician,look no further.There are not enough words of thanks I could give to Dr Chris Lim, for taking such wonderful care of my two children all of these years.Thank You:)

Keep up the GREAT work...see you soon for [my child's] 3year appt!!  :)

Dr. Chris Lim has cared for my oldest since he was 4 yrs. old, my second child since he was 1, and my other 2 children from birth to present. My older 2 children had very serious illnesses and he worked with me personally and with CHKD and all their specialists to ensure exemplary care for my children. He is always up to date on the latest pediatric medical care/information and ensures that his patients are also.

Thank you Dr. Becky Lim for providing such honest, thorough, and caring services for all of my children the past 7 years! We look forward to continued visits...hopefully for well check ups only...ha! Congrats on your new adventure!

8 years and counting since we found such wonderful Pediatricians for our girls!

I love how they take time with my children when I am in the office. They are the best.

We have been with Dr. Christopher Lim since [our children] were newborns. So, in total it has been almost 18 years! We are very happy with the care that the children have received and have absolutely no desire to switch to another pediatrician.

Dr. Becky was my doctor when I was a teenager, and she is truly wonderful. As a girl going through those awkward years, I really wanted a female physician that could actually understand what I was going through. I really appreciated Dr. Becky's straightforward manner; she's very honest with her patients. I've been to other doctors who just say "yes" to whatever the parent or patient wants -- but if I'm sick and don't need antibiotics or if I'm overweight and need to start focusing on my fitness, I would much rather see someone who tells me the truth. Otherwise, how can I get better? And, trust me, I'd rather have an honest doctor than any antibiotic resistance or cardiovascular diseases.
Thank you, Dr. Becky, for taking care of me! :)

They have cared for my kids since they were born and my oldest is 19 now!! When you're deciding on a pediatrician, request a "predelivery" meeting to tour the office and "interview" them. See if it feels right!